Intuition and Time


From the perspective of intuition, past, present, and future are equidistant in terms of our capacity to retrieve information. All possibilities, all probabilities, stem from and are shaped by this particular moment in time. Current perception always rules, or what some call the “moment point.”

There are many intuitives who dare not venture into the future, either for fear of being wrong, fear of taking power away from clients, or fear of the unknown. I have a different perspective on this issue and jump into making statements about past, present, and future with both feet. I gave up worrying about being wrong a long time ago, at least the ego part of being wrong. Let me be clear: I always want to provide the best and most accurate information for clients; and an accurate understanding of past events and future probabilities helps them make wise and powerful decisions. On the other hand, I have no power over anyone or anything, nor would I seek it if it were possible. It is not. No amount of insight on my part can take away the authority and responsibility and knowing of individuals to make decisions that serve their own best interest and greatest fulfillment, including those interests of an individual client or a company. So I don’t have to worry: I simply pick up on their inner journey and report back what I see on their path.

Venturing across time is designed to help decide whether what is most likely to occur in the future (based on what is happening now), is what the individual or company really wishes to be or to accomplish. An intuitive look at the future permits an immediate response, such as:
“Yes, let’s go there!”
Or a “Yes, with conditions.”
Or a “No, that doesn’t look good. We need to re-evaluate and make different choices.”

Time, especially time with the benefit of intuition, is a friend, neither a feared adversary nor a superstitious bogeyman. No one, and I truly mean no one, can take away the authority of another individual on some level – a deep level – to decide which actions to take, and which ways to be over time. On the contrary, what I am continually told is, “You helped me frame what I already knew to be the appropriate action in my own heart and mind.”

Since typically little or no information is provided to me in advance regarding a professional consultation, I am relying principally on intuition to discern what that client’s “true heart’s desire” might be. And my intuition is working with and across time to provide me information that is useful and accurate for my client. When I work with individuals on a regular basis, some basic information will eventually “stick” with me after our conversation, but most often, even in these situations, each consultation is fresh and new. Usually I have to be reminded what we discussed before, and do not check prior notes or records ahead of time to “prepare” for an intuitive session. When the consultation is more “traditional,” then I try to reconstruct or remember a little of the past discussion so I will know where to proceed next. All sessions eventually end up being a blend of both styles, flitting back and forth in and out of time as the variables or questions indicate.

We all know that in the dream state time does not matter. In the intuitive state time does not matter either. Intuition is a servant of time, and using intuition to take a peek at past patterns, present actions, and future probabilities serves the individual, the group, and the company.


The rule of thumb for me is, “If it can be imagined, it already exists in the field of probabilities.” Intuition helps visit that field without having to book an airline ticket; it helps travel inwardly, and in that interior domain reason and apparent nonsense work closely together, noticing and blending variables that would be ignored if one were using the rational mind alone. 

In addition, it is possible to actually visit the you whom you will most likely be in the future with the help of intuition, the one who is most fulfilled, and to ask that “probable” you what it took to get there, to be so radiant in your future personal and professional life. Here’s a little device to help you connect with your future self:

Imagine you are standing on a hill, perhaps at dusk, and you look over and see the lights of a distant town or village off in the distance. 
See yourself walking there (or driving or flying!) towards the inviting lights of that place in the future. When you get there, look around. What kind of place is this? Look at the locale, look at the people, if any. Where is it? What is going on generally?

Now look around the place until you find yourself somewhere there. Think of this future form of yourself in the third person for the time being: what is he or she doing? If this is a company, what is going on in the company, and what is your role in this? What is happening that is making you shimmer with delight, and making you radiate that delight outwards?

In this space outside of time, you can actually talk to that future version of yourself and ask that self what it is doing, and more importantly even, what it did in the past to create that present satisfaction and joy and fulfillment. Not only can you ask, but you can also get answers! From the perspective of this future self, this is an easy question to answer, as your present dilemma is now a part of its past, which was already resolved in one way or the other. The response will be something like, “Oh, that’s easy, I just…”

Because your present is your future self’s past, things are so much easier to look at, so detached from the emotion of the present crisis, that decision making becomes quite easy.

Take advantage of that future perspective, this experienced wisdom of that future self, to help you make decisions NOW. Play with probabilities and possibilities across time in this way and thrive.

As a professional intuitive I have the same kind of detachment that your future self has. Since time is equidistant on interior levels, I just “go there” look around and report. I may not actually get visual images the way you might if you took that mental journey, but the information comes from tuning into that future probability and reporting back with words that make sense to you instead of pictures.

If the scenario is desirable, I can know with compassion and detachment that a particular option or choice simply does not work the way you might have intended. I can also see multiple probabilities and futures in one sweeping look (and so can you!) This look may not necessarily be visual in a literal sense, although it could be, but the sense of contentment is unmistakable, and the circumstances of that contentment come pouring into my awareness, just as it can come rushing into yours.

This is decision making across time and space, in the nether reaches of the mind that can hold and visit numerous probabilities with total ease, all from that most important present moment.

When the present moment shifts – say you look at next week instead of today, or next year – that future self will adapt to your changed circumstances and interim decisions in the twinkling of an eye, adjust, and show you the best possible future self from that new place.

You can also have a conversation with that self across time, a conversation that occurs in the past as easily as the future, to notice and remove past blockages to fulfillment. Your conversation can be as general or detailed as you wish.

One nice little device when you visit the future in this way, is to mentally ask that future self for a gift, usually a small gift that can fit in the palm of your hand. Look at the gift in your mind’s eye, and hold it in your mental hand.

One day in your actual experienced future, the one that occurs inside of time, you will come across that gift, that object. When you do , you will recognize it immediately, and you will have a clue, a material indication, that you are indeed on the best path toward becoming the fulfilled future self you saw in your mental journey.

This is literally playing with time, and with the help of intuition you learn to play in the field of probabilities with absolute and concrete success. This process is somewhat tricky to describe in words, but quite easy to do, and great fun to experience. Bon voyage!

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