“Goes the Whole Way:” Intuitive Shorthand

There are certain phrases that just “show up” mentally one day, and then become a kind of repeated shorthand for intuitive information. For example, in working with clients over the years one particular phrase, “She/he goes the whole way,” has come to mean several things:

  • An individual or institution with the capacity to endure for the long haul (for me institutions and agencies are usually “she,” perhaps because of the feminine form of the article for similar words in French and English)
  • A source of support that can be trusted to stick with you personally or  institutionally as you grow and diversify
  • Someone with the capacity to morph with a changing situation or market need
  • An industry or a country or a market segment or a product

When a client wants to know about the short- or long-term prospect for a candidate or service provider or partnership, this phrase or it’s opposite, “She/He doesn’t go the whole way,” will pop into my mind. Or perhaps something like, “Fine for now; not for later.” This clue becomes the starting point for an intuitive evaluation regarding the potential success of working with the entity under consideration.  “Fine for now” doesn’t mean avoid this commitment; it simply means don’t count on this relationship or this person to be all you need for the long haul, and don’t be surprised if you need to change down the road. It might also mean that the person decides to leave before you complete the intended project. You could be thinking about working with a law firm or insurance company, or hiring an executive assistant, or a publicist. This phrase, or one of your own like it, can help cut to the chase and avoid surprise in the middle of an undertaking.

When you pay attention, you will find such phrases of your own popping into your head, phrases that your subconscious mind will tuck away for future reference. You will automatically remember both the rational and emotional qualities of the phrase, and you will know immediately which outcome is most likely as you consider a particular course of action.

Once you find and develop your personal list of special shorthand phrases, you can move to flesh out the unique details of each situation, along with any specific recommendations for action or decision making. And as always with intuition, this is just one of many other supportive tools to help you and your business thrive.

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