What Is Seven Second Decision Making?

Hitting the Target


Seven Second Decision Making is the natural blend of reason, experience and intuition. In a remarkably brief moment the mind can sift through endless data and simply KNOW the best course of action or most likely outcome for business or life. It is knowing repeatedly and with certainty, without understanding exactly how one knows. It is gut feeling on demand with high levels of accuracy, and it can have an extraordinary impact on business success and personal fulfillment.

Seven Second Decision Making is:

A Methodology, a process: for obtaining consistent, accurate, ethical, intuitive insight on demand, especially in the domains of business and frontier science.

Seven Second Decision Making requires:

Focus: that and only that. In a field of many variables and almost limitless probabilities, what is the most likely course of events? What information is available to change that probable course if desired, or to arrive at that chosen destination or outcome with the greatest amount of ease?

Discernment: the capacity to distinguish. What is mine? What is yours? What is truly relevant in this particular situation?

Interpretation: What does the information mean for this person or this company or this situation at this time? Are there symbols to be interpreted, or images, or numbers, or emotions? Interpretation is possible when the other tools are strong.

Integrity: only the highest ethical standards will do. No implicit or explicit conflicts of interest.

Trust: in the self; in the other; in the future; in the world; in human nature; in fundamental good intention; in life itself.

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