“She Goes on Her Own…” Literal or Metaphorical Meaning?

It is important to discern whether intuitive hunches are meant to be interpreted quite literally, or whether they should be taken as a clue related to something else that is not meant to be literal at all. Stories abound of dreams and other types of premonitions about the World Trade Center collapse, a stock market crash, earthquakes, or other significant mass events. Only through hindsight does interpretation become crystal clear

For example, here is an intuitive insight I published on an old website in 2001, exactly as posted at the time, one month before the attack on the World Trade Center:

August 13, 2001
“Image: The phrase “She goes on her own.” The “she” is a well-known individual or political leader, or the Statue of Liberty.

  • There is the possibility of an announcement by Hillary Clinton that she will formally divorce her husband.
  • The country separates and isolates itself further from ideals of liberty and privacy. The Statue of Liberty goes on her own, no longer connected to the historical legacy of her people. Some new legislation is written or passed that limits personal freedom, or some action is taken to limit prior collaboration between the USA and its European colleagues.”

While unsurprising, there is sadness on both counts. When liberty must set herself apart and go on her own in order to be free, the world weeps for her and for itself. It weeps for lost innocence, lost hope, lost legacy.”

The column included a statement that the Statue of Liberty “goes on her own.” At the time it was uncertain whether that intuitive hunch had something to do with Hillary Clinton, who may have been in the news at that time, the United States, or the city of New York. Clinton did not announce a divorce. Following the world Trade Center disaster, however, numerous national magazines published photographs of the Statue of Liberty no longer flanked by the World Trade Center towers in the background: “she goes on her own.”

The article also included references to the world weeping for lost freedom. As a result of the attacks on September 11th, a century’s worth of gained personal domestic freedoms were abolished overnight as the United States moved into military readiness through passage of The Patriot Act and a raft of Executive Orders.

This is a perfect example of the combination of intuitive information in metaphorical form, that also hinted at literal events. It takes skill, practice, and…best of all…the benefit of hindsight to know for certain what interpretation to give to intuitive information.

If one had asked me in August 2001 the meaning of my very own column, it is unlikely I could have said with clarity that there would be a mass event on the order of September 11, 2001. Had I gotten close enough to assume a mass event of great importance, I might have more likely interpreted the information to have direct bearing on the Statue of Liberty, not on the World Trade Towers. The photographs were stark evidence of the Statue of Liberty’s going on her own, but the deeper meaning was much more extraordinary…the obliteration of the Towers, and also of the sense of confidence, peace, privacy, and safety in the world.

The interpretation might also have signaled increased displeasure with the policies of the United States as the country’s invasion of Iraq went against international public opinion. Had someone asked additional follow-up questions, which often occurs in regular “salons” I hold or sessions for clients, then we might have fleshed out much more interpretive detail and perhaps even the literal meaning of these now extraordinary words typed quickly while I was alone at my computer trying to meet a website publication deadline.

Only time, practice, attention, and increasingly honed ability can make full use of intuitive information, including information about business opportunities or challenges. With regular practice, however, the interpretation of complex situations becomes more and more specific and refined. In this way hitting target outcomes or numbers occurs more quickly, with smaller deviations from the actual, as data are measured and corroborated over time.

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