A Different View of Our Sun

As a non-physicist, it is difficult for me to find appropriate language for the intuitive sense that triggered this piece. So I will just put it On the Record for now, hoping that some more advanced minds than mine will be able to make sense of it.

There are quite literal and material universes “trapped” inside the sun – our sun.

These are not simply mirror reflections of our solar system, akin to the “anti-matter” theories that some discuss, but actual incipient universes and constellations yet to be discovered and yet to be born.

These universes are in concentrated form, and when the inevitable explosion of our sun occurs in this particular scenario, its “babies” will grow up to expand outward (and inward as well!) to become much more than their solar parent ever was.

These universes possess consciousness, (as all energy does in my world view), and make “decisions” about their growth and development. I have placed decisions in quotation marks because I do not want to anthropomorphize this process too much. Who knows the nature of the decision tree that universes use to grow or wither away?

As I am not a physicist, it is unclear to me whether what I am trying to communicate here is considered mainstream or “heretical” physics and cosmology. What has become clear to me, however, is that the sun is not just a generator for this solar system as we like to consider; it is a nursery for systems that eventually will become much larger than any of us can imagine at this point in time. The blue and red planets we have come to love, may end up as pebbles on the beach of some other reality.

The death of this solar system in the far distant future will actually mark the birth process of an enormous expansion of the known universe in the very region where we exist now, and where we will appear to be obliterated then. When that time comes, our fundamentally non-local perennial consciousness will shift into other realms until things settle down again, and then find new adventures, some of which will occur in these new “offspring” environments that will share certain “energetic DNA” with the parent sun.

I say “appear to be obliterated” because that line of development is simply one of infinite probabilities for one or more infinitely probable earths. There will be absence or obliteration in one realm, while in another no such event occurs and life goes on without a hitch, or even slight  awareness of the destruction going on “next door,” so to speak.

I have no idea how choice figures in such equations, that is, which probabilities are experienced; and yet I believe on a deep level that choice and belief play a significant role in experienced material reality. But that’s another matter for another time…

Written during the period 12 July – 18 August 2012

Published by Helen L. Stewart PhD

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