Europe Divided

Fight for Survival

From a private email, written by me on 11 December 2011, now formally On the Record:

“Europe falls apart. Does not disappear, but falls apart as a coherent identity. There is great fear here, and that fear is well founded. Germanic influence, including Hapsburg control of the British Crown, means that the divide between Protestants and Catholics becomes stronger than ever. Also the divide between Aryan and non-Aryan Europe. There is a lot of turmoil here, which will ultimately impact the euro and the euro zone…

Do not underestimate the role of the 19th and 20th centuries in current events unfolding in European financial circles. The far right in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Russia is a “Tory” monarchist right. The far right in France and Spain is a populist right. Do not confuse these two, or you (the generic you) lost your head and your pocketbook.”

Follow-up from an article in London’s “The Telegraph” e-newspaper on 19 August 2012, via Linked-in:

Headline: “Euro must not pit North against South, says Italian PM Mario Monti.”

“‘The euro must not become a ‘break-up factor’ that pits northern Europe against crisis-choked nations in the south of the continent,’ Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has said….”

“‘The biggest tragedy for Italy and for Europe would be to see the euro become, because of our failures, a break-up factor which awakens the prejudices of the north against the south, and vice-versa….the risk exists, he said….'”

“The European Union and eurozone countries are split over how to solve the financial crisis convulsing various nations, especially in Europe’s south.”

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