I posted a series about upcoming earthquakes and marine disasters written between January 5th and July 19th 2010. On January 12th the earthquake in Haiti occurred. The following are reprinted excerpts from private emails written on this subject, plus corroborating news citations in the days, weeks and months following. I am posting this again now because the rumblings are far from over, and I feel that another significant, large-scale, probably underwater volcanic earthquake is once again on the horizon, of at least Banda Aceh or Haiti proportions. The last segment is a piece written just recently on 7 September 2012.

Rumblings I – January 2010
Written by Helen (HLS) January – February 2010
(News Commentary in italics)

HLS on 5 January 2010:
“Marine disasters abound:
•    Species extinction or huge volcanic activity that beaches too many marine animals to miss or ignore.
•    Significant underground rumblings, triggered and abetted by human testing in inappropriate ways. (7.1 quake in Haiti on 12 January 2010)

…The sea animals tell the story of dramatic change. Pay attention to the sea animals and pray. Hang on for dear life. [Must be some large beaching event of whales or sharks, or red tide that covers significant coastline mass…something like that.]”

From the Associated Press, 26 Jan 2010:
“TALLAHASSEE, FL (AP) — More than 100 manatees have been found dead in Florida waters since the beginning of the year, most of them victims of a nearly two-week cold snap.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the preliminary cause of death for 77 of the endangered animals is cold stress. They were found from Jan. 1 through Jan. 23.
The Sunshine State saw about two weeks of unseasonably cold weather starting around the first of the year that killed fish and stunned thousands of sea turtles.
Officials say the numbers of dead manatees from the cold is a record for a single year”

HLS in a private email: Hawaii has a hard time. Pay attention to this. The Ring of Fire cranks up again.

(8.8 quake in Chile on 27 February 2010 sends Tsunami warnings towards Hawaii and Japan)

Added by HLS on 27 Feb 2010, after the Chile earthquake, but before cancellation of the Tsunami warnings: “This is not over. More to come.”

11 Mar 2010
Santiago, Chile (CNN) — Three strong earthquakes rocked Chile on Thursday, causing significant damage in at least one city, the country’s newly inaugurated president said Thursday.

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit at 11:39 a.m. local time (9:39 a.m. ET), followed by a 6.7-magnitude quake 16 minutes later, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. A third, measured at magnitude 6.0, came 27 minutes later.

“There is significant damage in Rancagua,” the new president [Sebastian Pinera] said.

13 Mar 2010
6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes eastern Indonesia. No report of significant damage

Early April 2010
Mine collapses in China and West Virginia (another form of earth rumbling)

14 April 2010 (
6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes destroyed the remote mountain town of Jiegu in western China, and left at least 1144 people dead in the province. 11,000 injured as of 16 April.

14 April 2010
6.4 volcano erupts beneath a glacier in Iceland. The ash cloud cancels 17,000 flights across Europe and six continents. A second volcano that often erupts in tandem with the first is on watch.

17 April 2010
6.3 earthquake in Papua, New Guinea. (CNN newsbreak)

24 April 2010
6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia (CNN newsbreak)

25 April 2010 (CNN)
Oil rig explosion off the coast of Louisiana kills 11 workers and creates 600 square mile oil slick in the gulf coast endangering ten wildlife refuges in Mississippi and Louisiana as of 29 April 2010. Underwater leaks are estimated to be 5,000 barrels a day, or 210,000 gallons

29 August 2010
Mount Sinabung volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra has erupted again, sending ash and smoke several kilometres into the atmosphere.

Mount Sinabung, long considered to be inactive, erupted for the first time in 400 years in the early hours of Sunday.

Rumblings II – Land and Water
Written by Helen (HLS) May through July 2010
(News commentary in italics)

31 May 2010
HLS: The Gulf is done…. And there is more to these events. The rumblings are not over and will not be over for a very long while. Prepare elsewhere, for there are other locations for concern as well. Soon – less than 3 months; 3-6 months at the outside. Get ready….

Water as friend and water as foe. You must discover the secrets of water. And that is no joke; the impacts are phenomenal.”

From CNN Mobile Newsbreak, 23 Aug 2010:
Thousands of dead fish, other marine life found at the mouth of Mississippi River outlet into the Gulf of Mexico. There were “oxygen issues” as well as “recoverable oil.”

7 and 19 June 2010
HLS: “Volatility still….

There is a new air abounding. The weather and other climatological and topographical events have begun to reach the tipping point of national and global consciousness….

Construction begins in earnest of ideas and tools for resettling large communities on short notice: transportation, modular dwellings, and most importantly, negotiations among principalities and provinces, states and counties….

Relocation will not be enough. Now will be a time of creating new micro-economies, and of changing very old cultural patterns for those required to relocate. What happens when fishermen become farmers following natural disasters, or vice versa, farmers are required to become fishermen because permanently flooded land will no longer sustain agriculture or industry? …The emotional toll [for all] is staggering.”

From CNN Website, Aug 2010:
Over seventeen million affected by flooding that encompassed Pakistan from the northern border to the southern. The disaster is larger than either the earthquake near Banda Aceh in Indonesia, or the Gulf Goast following hurricane Katrina. In some areas it will be two years before surviving inhabitants will be able to return to their land. Hundreds of thousands are sick and dying from multiple diseases: cholera, typhoid, dysentery. And the flood waters continue to flood as of 30 August 2010.

From BBC Website,  30 Aug 2010:
“Water and Mud: Niger’s Double Disaster.” An existing, long-term food crisis in the landlocked West African country, has now been compounded by devastating floods – which saw the River Niger rise to its highest level for more than 80 years.

The UK aid agency, Oxfam, says half the population – nearly eight million people – were already facing hunger because of failed harvests. Now, heavy rains earlier in August and the resulting floods have left more than 100,000 people homeless, according to the United Nations.

19 July 2010
HLS: “There is some central country (national) event or series of events that rocks confidence in the U.S.’s ability to sustain all and transcend all. Something to do with or around the Mississippi River region….

Is it possible to have both floods and quakes in the same region?”

From CNN Mobile Newsbreak, 23 Aug 2010:
Thousands of dead fish, other marine life found at the mouth of Mississippi River outlet into the Gulf of Mexico. There were “oxygen issues” as well as “recoverable oil.”

Rumblings III – Caldera Potential?
Written by Helen (HLS) 7 September 2012
(With absolutely no knowledge of vulcanology or geology, so the intuitive descriptions below may appear ridiculous and make no sense, based on known scientific fact)

HLS: “There is a caldera rippling across the ocean floor in the Pacific Rim area of the planet. It runs through, across, and around the Ring of Fire. Larger than any of the others, these rumblings leave devastation in their wake, and the warning signs are clearly present….

There is a sub-oceanic, massive fault line that runs horizontally rather than vertically. I do not know what the typical pattern of such a massive event might be, but this one seems counter to the north-south plate tectonics we are used to thinking and writing about in recent years, especially in California with its focus on north-south fault lines. It could be that there are many of these others, and that the Haiti quake was one of them. The Eastern Europe and India plates may be affected by a northern movement that hits and generates an east-west fault line action as the plates collide or rub. This newer, more recent phenomenon, however, may be the result of west to east moving action, following a similarly west-east moving sub-oceanic mountain range “going off” or exploding in sequential form,  ripping and rippling massive undersea land masses in caldera-like fashion, skipping from blowhole (crater) to blowhole across the ocean floor, the way a child would throw a pebble across the water on the surface of a lake. Or, as a friend suggested, be the result of the earth’s turning around its central core in such a way that a single large lava source appears to spew almost simultaneously or near sequentially from more than one volcanic crater as the earth spins over its center….

The cancellation of tsunami warnings for this recent series of events is actually bad news rather than good, because it means that the pressure is continuing to build, instead of being released gradually. The pressure from the Sendai/Fukushima tsunami and subequent nuclear events just adds to the pressure of potential mounting caldera activity….

Pay attention. The world will have to pull together or it pulls apart irrevocably. Something is definitely up, and this time it is definitely not just the surf. It is the mountain ranges beneath the surf that speak and roar now. Watch out….

While not necessarily a belief shared by many, it is my personal belief that the intensity of charged human emotion also adds to the intensity of these other geological and man-made pressures. Intense collective anger is a form and expression and release of energy, no more nor less than mountainous volcanoes or trickling streams. My intuitive sense right now is that something will blow, and that the magnitude will be enormous. In a recent powerful dream, the animals in the region were the first to go, and the people followed after. The dream also communicated a message that the way out, the solution, is simply this: calm, focus, clarity, and perhaps most important of all, collaboration.”

26 August 2012
CNN Newsbreak reports a 7.4 earthquake off the El Salvador coast.
CNN Newsbreak reports an earthquake “swarm” of several hundred earthquakes in Southern California

28 August 2012
CNN Newsbreak reports a massive gasoline explosion near Dallas, Texas

30 August 2012
Hurricane Isaac hits the Gulf Coast, seven years to the day following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina

31 August 2012
CNN Newsbreak reports that a 7.6 earthquake hits off the coast of the Philippines

3 September 2012
CNN Newsbreak reports that a 6.4 quake hits south of the Indonesian island of Java

5 September 2012
CNN Newsbreak reports that “tens of thousands of dead fish wash up Lake Erie
CNN Newsbreak reports a 7.9 earthquake off the coast of Costa Rica

HLS: “This is NOT a doomsday message, by the way, and I am not Henny Penny who is claiming that the sky is falling. The planet will still be here after Dec 2012. On the other hand, I made a similar prediction concerning dramatic events a year or so  before the Banda Aceh earthquake, which also felt pretty sobering at the time of the prediction, as were the Sendai tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disasters….

All of that being said, we do indeed face some daunting challenges together in the near future, and our political and geological environments seem to mirror each other. What can we do as a global family to support each other, and to meet the challenges we face? Let us begin with calm, focus, clarity, and above all, collaboration. Let us assume good intention, regardless of the purported “facts.” Let us find the coordinate point that unites, rather than divides us as a nation, a community of nations, and as a planet.”

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