It all started with grits and granola…

Granola SmallThere are so many little sayings I heard as a child growing up as a preacher’s kid in a military family, with few around us then who looked or thought the way we did. Today, many years after the death of both of my parents, I find myself still quoting these little axioms, like

Many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip….

And there are others. For example, what I would hear from my mom when I messed up and tried to make excuses for my less than acceptable behavior with a whimpering

I thought…

“You thought like Lit!”, she’d say. “He thought his behind was an ice cream freezer!” To this day I don’t have a clue what those sentences mean, but I still laugh out loud when I imagine the colorful image. For the most part, though, these little axioms carried a lot of meaning, a kind of haiku

fusion wisdom

borrowed not only from traditional African-American Methodist Christianity and an interesting mix of Boston, North Carolina, and military cultures, but also from voracious reading, other religious world views, scientific evidence, and plain old common sense thriving everywhere in an often chaotic world. My favorite axiom, of course, is “What goes around comes around.”

The title phrase here

grits and granola

stems from a particularly trying period of my life in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’ll post more about that story and how “grits and granola” came to be as time goes on, and as I can tuck my ego in my pocket for the telling.

In the meantime, this area of the website permits me to wander a bit from the more focused material on intuition, and to add thoughts that are more musing, and perhaps amusing in style.

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