Intuition Manifesto in Seven Keys

I have written and thought a lot about intuition over the years. The time has come to settle on the fundamentals – at least from my perspective. Neither philosopher nor mathematician, yet immersed in the subject of intuition every day, I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Consciousness simply is
  2. All that exists is imbued with conscious, self-aware, energy
  3. Each unit of energy is inviolate and experiences consciousness in some way, not only of itself as part of the whole, but also of all other components of the whole, no matter how large or small, similar or different
  4. Consciousness projected outward in any manner or form requires the synchronous or asychronous collaboration of unfathomably complex components.
  5. Intuition makes collaboration possible because it connects the parts to the whole of all that exists or might conceivably exist in or outside of time, space, and density
  6. Intuition makes manifestation possible because the component parts must communicate and work together seamlessly to realize any potentiality in any material or non-material domain
  7. Intuition is the universal language of the cosmos, understood and embraced by all forms of energy and awareness at every outpost of All That Is.

Intuition is not everything in and of itself, but nothing expressed is possible without the presence and support of intuition.

Published by Helen L. Stewart PhD

Endlessly curious, writer, speaker, blogger, intuitive, author, consultant. Retired university academic administrator and faculty member. Citizen of the world. Traveler. Human being. Perhaps in reverse order.

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