California Seth Conference 2022

Helen spoke on the subject of “Time Applied” at the California Seth Conference on April 2, 2022, and how we can thrive using the experience of linear time in daily life. Topics include simply reveling in being in a physical body, exploring recurring social and psychological themes, understanding interconnected personalities in various historical moments, and seeding change to achieve what Jane Roberts and Seth term “value fulfillment.” The conference was streamed on the conference’s YouTube channel with live questions following the presentation. Here is a link to that presentation and the Q&A period immediately following. When you have finished watching Helen’s talk, be sure to stick around and watch the other speaker presentations as well! California Seth Conference did a great job of connecting Jane/Rob/Seth readers from all over the world, each of whom experienced the event from different time zones and even on different dates – synchronously and seamlessly!

Dr. Helen L Stewart speaking on ways we can use time in everyday life to understand our world and our place in it.

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