Helen’s Appearance on Abema TV Japan

In July 2016 I was invited to tape a segment for a Japanese television program, during which I was to surprise the series star who was visiting Honolulu with a psychic reading. The event was arranged by local event coordinator Fumiko Sato through Sedona Hawaii and business owner Malia Johnson, for whom I have worked part-time as an intuitive for several years. Initially intended to be a light and “fluffy” segment for Japanese television, the session turned into a free-for-all, during which I ended up reading for several members of the cast and crew. Filmed in Kapi Ľolani Park across from the Kaimana Beach Hotel, we had a rollicking good time! Our interpreter, Sachiko Hosokawa, does not appear on camera but was right there with us the entire time. Sachiko also works as an excellent interpreter for Japanese clients who visit Sedona. You can see us all looking her way for simultaneous translations. While the segment is naturally in Japanese, you will be able to hear much of what I am telling the cast in English. Enjoy, and if you understand Japanese and can catch the entire show, so much the better! Fun afternoon….

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