Interview with DJ Nocturna on Business Intuition

Intuition and Business with Dr. Helen L. Stewart

DJ Nocturna, also known as the “Queen of Wands” on YouTube, has graciously granted permission to post here the full video of my recent guest appearance on her YouTube channel to talk about intuition, especially business applications of intuition. DJ has been known locally for decades as a skilled deejay and interviewer of music personalities, but there is another side of her that has delved deeply into metaphysical questions. In addition to her “day job,” DJ is a skilled astrologer and is highly intuitive as well. The interview experience with her was wonderful, as she tucked her own ego aside with exceptional modesty, asked good questions, and gave me plenty of time and space to fly. Thanks, DJ Nocturna!! You can learn more about DJ on her YouTube channel, which you can get to easily by clicking on the video above.

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