About Grits and Granola

Social commentary. Intuitive decision making. Challenges of heart and mind. The power of ideas. The importance of collaboration. Tools for change.

Here I call out our wonders and our flaws, believing deeply in the fundamental goodness of human nature. From my perspective, our success is measured by the bridges we build, not the breaches we exploit.

What People Say

On Helen’s book Seven Seconds or Less: “I have read a lot of business books and none come close to delving into how to utilize our intuition (our ‘gut feelings’) the way this book does.”

Arden T. Reece

“Honed, developed intuition on demand is more reliable than either pure reason or pure gut alone.”


“What goes around, comes around. Be thoughtful of what you send around.”

Helen L. Stewart

“…What worked yesterday doesn’t apply today. The need to be ahead of the innovation curve isn’t always a product of the usual research efforts.”

Bill Gregoricus

Difficult times and tough decisions reveal beauty and grace hiding in plain sight.

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