One Way or the Other, One Global Family. Will It Take UFOs to Get Us There?

Confrontations of Matched Strength
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Many years after an intense decade immersed in African politics and culture I was talking with my friends Kip Eddy and Sue Phillips about the possibility of UFO’s and extra-dimensional or extraterrestrial beings making their presence felt on earth. Kip was fascinated with the subject and I was happy to oblige his curiosity by taking an intuitive look at the questions he posed. What a different kind of otherness this is! Our conversations occurred in 2002, when there must have been some mainstream buzz about the subject.

Ultimately the deeper issue turned out to be less about a perceived threat to earth from extraterrestrial beings than it was about the possibility that we might one day join together as one planet, one frequency, one family of awareness. One thing I knew for sure: the threat of creatures from an entirely different planet or solar system would certainly create a sudden and dramatic closeness among those of us who had been fighting each other tooth and nail for centuries over issues of race, national origin, religion, gender, social class, sexuality, territory and anything else we could come up with. We had for so long needed someone outside ourselves to blame or fear rather than to face looking within ourselves and our cultures for the sources of our misfortune and unhappiness.

Science fiction writers arrived at this formulaic plot a long time ago: one external planetary threat and suddenly we realize we are all “earthlings,” fighting together to save our shared world from potential obliteration or heartless domination. Overnight, facing various gargantuan varieties of bloodsucking insects and blobs, we become “family.” It is our red blood that binds us, not our skin, and certainly not the inevitably green blood that the villainous creatures from outer space ooze all over the screen.

The following is a brief excerpt from a much longer telephone conversation with Kip and Sue about the possibility and nature of extraterrestrials and UFOs and about shared planetary consciousness:

Helen: …This is not to say that in the material universe as you know it, there might not be cultures of beings that wish to colonize or invade this planet. Given the nature of consciousness and choice, these probabilities must exist, as well as probabilities for peaceful interaction, for collaboration, and even for continuing to coexist blithely unaware of each other and your mutual presence in the universe.

…The fundamental nature of consciousness is collaborative in any and all of these scenarios, however, so even those who act as enemies in any given moment are ultimately collaborating to create a next way of inclusiveness and shared, if not entirely melded, global identity. In order to see this, all you have to do is step back a bit and shift your perspective. Recognition of this cooperation uniting all life can be fleeting or more sustained, depending upon your choices and your systems of relevance at the time.

If humans must create an external enemy to see the earth as connected, then some enemy will volunteer to remind you that Arabs, Asians, Jews, Caucasians, developmentally disabled, old, young, men, women, cats, trees, and rocks are all a part of a single earth consciousness. If it takes attack to figure that out, then someone in the universe will collaborate with you and launch an outside attack to bring you together. If you grow, however, and recognize that all consciousness is collaborative, then you will have no such need for attack, and will begin to recognize and practice the inclusiveness that is in your vision and the very blueprint of your being. You have choices to make, and in any case whatever the choice or scenario, universal collaboration will eventually be achieved, at least for a fleeting moment and potentially for millennia. You will recognize what is already limitless collaboration on a massive scale, all the way down to the cooperation of the cells in your pinky toenails to create forms in flesh you can use to grasp or clip or paint bright colors or even pull out in excruciating pain as a form of political torture.

So pick your fruit, your poison, your style, your game, your theater. Whatever you choose, collaboration is inevitable. It is the very nature of reality, which in your world is a physical expression of the very nature of consciousness itself.

(Excerpted and modified from “UFO’s R Us,” a recorded telephone conversation with Kip Eddy and Sue Phillips in 2002)

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  1. My name is Brenda Skehan, Kip Eddy was my Uncle. My Mom’s Brother, Patricia Ann Eddy my mother passed last year. My Uncle was an amazing guy… I’ve truly enjoyed reading this may they both Rip.

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