A New Voice: “Tea Party” to “Arab Spring” to “Take Back Wall Street” to…???

Fighting for Control; Entanglement

The following was written on 16 November 2010 about the emerging Tea Party Movement, now On The Record. Hindsight renders a natural “of course” response to these thoughts now almost two years later, but at the time of writing none of this was clear yet. The  ramifications of this primarily domestic movement continue to reverberate globally as well, back and forth affecting how we think about our most deeply held beliefs in ourselves and others. As such sentiments ping-pong back and forth across the globe, even Scotland becomes caught up in renewed secession controversy:

“There is a voice that does not yet know its name, but it will. No longer relegated to the back rooms of bookstores and television channels, this voice defines both old and new, left and right, experienced and inexperienced. They do not know exactly who they are yet, but they know the are angry. The difficult task is determining what they are for, rather than what they are angry against. In many instances, they are against their own self-interest.

They are not independently wealthy, so health coverage and pensions matter. And yet they will fight to the Nth degree to divest themselves of their own future. They are religious, and yet some of them never read or understood the New Testament, the law of love.

When they find their true voice, their true name, all who have gone before will tremble, for they usher in a New Age as surely as if they had been part of a commune in the 1960’s, or the Essene community in the early Common era.

Unwittingly, this new voice will give power to those who wish to take it away from them. And when they find out, like the Hulk, they will become enraged and tear the whole place down.

To those who think they are manipulating the Tea Party activists, take another look, for you are as vulnerable as any other when the New Age dawns. Like guerrilla fighters, their battles will be waged differently, their alliances will be constantly shifting, and anyone – ANYONE – from this past is vulnerable.

They, too, (representatives of the new voice) will be surprised at their own actions, their own passion, and their own depth of  ignorance about political and economic matters.

Some of them will join the traditional parties, become more institutionalized as other dissidents have done in the past. but some will never pass, will never be in the club, so to speak, and will continue to challenge business as usual in literally every domain.

There will be some chaos arising out of these events and these actions. But what follows the chaos is a new world order that surprises all: those who thought their ancient one was finally arriving, and those who thought the new would be easier to accomplish.

It is a new world order, but it looks and feels like nobody imagined, most especially the imagineers of the Tea Party Movement.”

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