“She Goes on Her Own…” Literal or Metaphorical Meaning?

It is important to discern whether intuitive hunches are meant to be interpreted quite literally, or whether they should be taken as a clue related to something else that is not meant to be literal at all. Stories abound of dreams and other types of premonitions about the World Trade Center collapse, a stock marketContinue reading ““She Goes on Her Own…” Literal or Metaphorical Meaning?”

Insights Leading Up to the October 2008 Stock Market Crash

The following are excerpts from a series of private emails I wrote during the period  December 2007 through September 2008, foreshadowing major events of global proportion that would impact the financial markets. The “Crash of October 2008” officially began on October 6th of that year, but some accounts state that the crash actually began onContinue reading “Insights Leading Up to the October 2008 Stock Market Crash”

Fracking and Other Tales of Mass Destruction

Website Blog Piece written on 1 August 2011, emailed privately on 4 August 2011; reprinted here in unedited form, following the 5.9 August 23rd 2011 earthquake in Virginia. Now officially “On the Record.” “Each one feels it is the only, its cause the most important. Each finds a way to rumble beneath the growing discomfortContinue reading “Fracking and Other Tales of Mass Destruction”

What Is Seven Second Decision Making?

IN A NUTSHELL ….. Seven Second Decision Making is the natural blend of reason, experience and intuition. In a remarkably brief moment the mind can sift through endless data and simply KNOW the best course of action or most likely outcome for business or life. It is knowing repeatedly and with certainty, without understanding exactlyContinue reading “What Is Seven Second Decision Making?”

Which Intuitive Tools to Use When?

If you are framing a question for intuitive response, how do you know which of the tools in your intuitive toolbox would be the best to use, would hit the bull’s eye on your target? If your question is pretty straightforward and simple, a yes-no response can work fine. The catch is that in orderContinue reading “Which Intuitive Tools to Use When?”

“Goes the Whole Way:” Intuitive Shorthand

There are certain phrases that just “show up” mentally one day, and then become a kind of repeated shorthand for intuitive information. For example, in working with clients over the years one particular phrase, “She/he goes the whole way,” has come to mean several things: An individual or institution with the capacity to endure forContinue reading ““Goes the Whole Way:” Intuitive Shorthand”

Intuition Hot spots: Bed, Bath, Beyond…

Just like Wifi hot spots, there are certain hot spots for intuition, too. These are places and times when intuitive information just streams in effortlessly, whether by chance or on demand. Over the years I have discovered intuition hot spots that work for me, and have learned how to slow down the moment and harnessContinue reading “Intuition Hot spots: Bed, Bath, Beyond…”

Intuition Hot Spots II: The Kitchen

“Come here often?” That was the sign on my mom’s refrigerator when she began changing her eating habits following a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. A tiny woman, she died several years ago at the age of 86, but that phrase on her fridge has stuck with me ever since. I used to complain aContinue reading “Intuition Hot Spots II: The Kitchen”

Intuition and Time

From the perspective of intuition, past, present, and future are equidistant in terms of our capacity to retrieve information. All possibilities, all probabilities, stem from and are shaped by this particular moment in time. Current perception always rules, or what some call the “moment point.” There are many intuitives who dare not venture into theContinue reading “Intuition and Time”

“The Bank That Rules…For Now”

In July and September 2008 I wrote the following in private emails in the midst of the looming national financial crisis. At the time, Wells Fargo was ranked approximately #5 overall among the top domestic commercial banks in terms of asset value and other criteria, with no expectation that it could overtake the largest commercialContinue reading ““The Bank That Rules…For Now””

Drought and more… Updated 10 January 2013

[Scroll to the end of the blog for most recent update entry] From a private email written by me on 4 August 2011: “There will also be earthquakes in unanticipated places, and a second dust bowl is possible in the heartland. Cornering the commodities markets continues and is in full swing. Prices skyrocket, especially forContinue reading “Drought and more… Updated 10 January 2013”

Defining Intuition My Way

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” John Muir Intuition is a continuous signal providing  information about the nature of the world, the universe, the Whole or any of its component parts. I believe this signal to be comprised of energy “signatures” thatContinue reading “Defining Intuition My Way”